Before you start signing up for a second account log out from your main account!

It is important to make a free OnlyFans (secondary) account, you will see in the following articles why it is needed. Unlike the main account, your fans will subscribe to this account for free.

In short, the free account will be used to attract more fans, they will be easier to convert into paid subscribers.

To create a second account, you will have to visit this OnlyFans Registration Page and register with a second email, not that used for the first account. The rest of the procedure is exactly like when you made the main account. You will need to use a different email address than the one used for the main account.

The username will be like the paid account  + “free” so that people know that they don’t have to pay anything to subscribe to you. For example, if the username on the primary account is “@sexyblonde”, the secondary account could be “@sexyblondeFREE”

Connecting the secondary account to the main one

OnlyFans lets you connect 2 accounts together so you can work on both without having to stay connected on two accounts.

Once the second account is accepted you can connect the accounts to each other.

The connection is made as follows:

All you have to do is enter the username of the secondary account.

Now that you have connected the accounts you can switch between them very easily from the side menu.

Nudity is forbidden on free accounts unless the user has to pay to see the content (more details in the following articles).

You can also earn money on the free OnlyFans account, for this, you will have to repeat all the steps you took to create the paid account.


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