1. How to register a new account on OnlyFans

First, go to OnlyFans registration page to register a new account.

Registration page on Onlyfans

Fill in the e-mail address and password, then in the “Name” field you will enter the name you want to appear on the account, not your real name, it can be changed later in the settings. After completing the details, check the box to accept the OnlyFans Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

2. OnlyFans account setup

a. Basic OnlyFans account settings

To set the username and name displayed on the OnlyFans account, you will need to navigate to Settings and then to “My profile”:

You can change the name displayed on the account (Display name). You can set it for example “Sexy blonde”, instead of a simple name, but it depends on you what you think will attract attention.

You can use a simple name “Anna”, but my advice is to use keywords for example if you are blonde you can put the name “Anna sexy blonde” and the username “Annasexyblonde”. By doing this if someone searches on OnlyFans “Blonde” or “Sexy” you will be displayed in the results. The search function is no longer valid on Onlyfans, the only way to get subscribers is to bring them yourself.

It would be preferable not to change the username because it will be part of the link of your profile on OnlyFans, as can be seen in the example below.

b. Other settings

Use the “Bio” section to describe and promote yourself. You can tell your fans what they will see once they subscribe. Take advantage of the 1000 characters and try to make a description as good as possible to convince your potential fans to subscribe. You could add a price list for content on request.

The rest of the fields:

  • Location = You can add your location.
  • URL = If you have a site you want to promote, you can put the link here. (Here you can put a link to the paid account.)
  • Amazon Wishlist = If you have a wish list on Amazon, you can put the link here.

c. Adding profile picture and cover image

You must add a profile photo and a cover image in order to validate your account. Both the profile photo and the cover should be with you.

Your profile photo would ideally be the picture of your face. In the cover photo, you could use pictures of your body.

Nudity is not allowed in profile photo or cover photo. Although it is not stipulated in terms and conditions that it would be prohibited, there are rumors that accounts were closed for this reason.

3. Identity verification and bank account

The information entered in this step is for verification purposes only, do not worry, the data will not be made public.

In order to complete the creation of the OnlyFans account, you must prove that you are over 18 years old and add a bank account.

After confirming the email, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to complete the country. (Make sure it corresponds to the country in the identification document), if you make a mistake you can’t change it unless you contact them.

After completing the country, check the checkbox to confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

On the next page, you will be asked to fill in your personal data and provide them with a photo ID. You MUST enter data exactly as in the identity document.

Even if it says it’s optional, you need to enter at least one of the following: your Twitter account, Instagram account, or website.

Fill in the actual date of birth, it must match the date of birth in the identity card.

Now select the type of document with a photo that you will use for identification.

You will need to take a photo of the ID you selected, making sure that the entire document is visible, the background to be less visible. Make sure the text is visible.

The next step is to take a photo with your ID in your hand. You will find that the identity card, as well as your face, are clearly visible, it is very important that your face looks similar to the one in the identity document.

If the document has an expiration date, fill in the corresponding field. If it does not have an expiration date, check the box that says “No expiration date”.

Once the account is approved, you will be asked to fill in a tax form specific to the country where you live.

After filling in the tax information, all you have to do is complete the method by which you want to be paid, you can use an account in any currency.


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