Before you start the promotion campaign, you should have uploaded pictures and videos on your OnlyFans accounts. To have at least 15 photos and 3 videos on each account, both the one with a free subscription and the one with a paid subscription. Your pontifical fans who reach your OnlyFans profile can see how many posts you have (pictures and videos) before subscribing. (Would you give money to someone who has 2-3 pictures?)

Ideally, you should post on each account at least once a day, this idea seems to take up a lot of your time, in fact, it is much easier. In one day you can make content for a whole week and schedule them to be published automatically, on the day and time you want, without subscribers noticing this. You can read more about it here.

The videos do not have to be very long, on the paid account they have a length between 2 and 5 minutes, and once a month a longer video, on the free account, the video should be between 20 and 60 seconds.

If you don’t post anything in 30 days, OnlyFans will suspend your subscriptions until you resume your activity!

In addition to the content suggested at the beginning of the article, I recommend that you have content ready for at least a week, for each account, so that you have time to promote yourself without worrying that you have no content to posts.

What content to post on your free account

Nudity is not allowed on the free account unless the subscriber has to pay to see the content (PPV Post).

Your free account should incite them, they want to see more, to talk to you. Everything you post on this account must cause subscribers to the free account to subscribe to the paid subscription account or to buy blocked content.

Here are some ideas for what you could post:

  • Photos and videos with you posing/dancing in sexy outfits, costumes, and lingerie.
  • Photos and videos in which you are about to undress (pulling your clothes fixed to the point where the private parts can be seen).
  • Censored images and videos from your paid account.

What content to post to your paid account

That depends entirely on you and it depends on what makes you feel comfortable. Some models only post nudes, while others post explicit adult content. Usually, the more varied content you post, the more money you will earn, because this way you can satisfy all the subscribers, their desires being different, so that they will want to renew their subscriptions.

You will receive messages from fans requesting a certain type of content. If I ask you for something that makes you step out of your comfort zone, politely refuse. As long as you have not advertised and made no promises that they will receive a certain type of content if they subscribe to you, you have no obligation to do so, even if they are a paid subscriber.

Besides pictures and videos, you can post audio. For example, you can post audio videos with orgasms, dirty discussions.

You can also post from time to time only a text such as jokes or thoughts that represent your personality. When your fans get to know you better, they are more likely to buy your content and/or maintain their subscriptions. Make sure you don’t post anything too personal that will reveal your real identity or location.

Forbidden words on OnlyFans

OnlyFans has a list of words you are not allowed to use. These are words you are not allowed to include in your posts. Many of these words can be used accidentally. The account will not be deleted instantly for honest mistakes, but the automatic system will not let you post.

These are some of the forbidden words:

Prohibited content on OnlyFans

If a word is forbidden, it does not mean that that type of content is forbidden. For example, the word “pee” is not allowed, but the last time I checked you were allowed to post a video with pee in it.

Officially, the only thing the OnlyFans Terms and Conditions mention about the restricted content is that it cannot be “obscene”, which is vague. You can use PornHub as a guide – if it’s not allowed on PornHub, it’s almost certainly not allowed on OnlyFans either.


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